About Us



Our story begins in olive business in 1999, mostly we have worked In Turkey and Greece Our Company was founded in 2014 as AL REDA FOR FOOD INDUSTRY in Egypt with almost 20 years’ experience. It is a mainly export company to about 20-25 countries all over Europe, Canada and also in Gulf States countries.
We started this adventure from the simplicity and beauty of Natural olives where we want to mention the type Manzanello ( Mammoth ) , Kalamata or Round Pickwell and continued with the special taste of green olives either whole its, Without seed, Sliced, Stuffed.
In parallel, we continued to improve our unmatched tradition of black olives both those presented in the form of the whole and pitted whether Nuts or in brine, oil and natural diet.
We are proud of our products and that we have succeeded in a short time to inaugurate a new plant, operating at the highest standards, in Egypt.
It is producing with 3000 to 4000 tons / year capacity
AL REDA has been following a long-term development strategy to upgrade its knowledge base, its equipment and facilities
Respect human and environmental factors, we wanted to be a brand that is sought and trusted in the sector. We increase our product range every year and develop products that suit the taste of the consumer.
The idea behind the company is to promote to international markets this well-known Egyptian product in all possible forms of packaging, providing appropriate storage conditions and the most appropriate machinery
Through continuous investments the company is working on improving its production and modernizes its operation, in order to achieve best quality products
We are a professional team, enthusiastic with a desire to show that this tradition will continue for many years to come. So we want to share the fruits of our labor and generations of hard-working people and workers, the products that we are proud of.
We invite you to join us and continue the story of olives dating back to the beginning of Earth that is told with wisdom in all the sacred books of mankind.


AL REDA FOR FOOD INDUSTRY significant know-how, has allowed the development of an extended distribution network that support the international distribution of its products. 100 % of AL REDA FOR FOOD INDUSTRY sales are in the international market.
EUROPE (Germany, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria and The Netherlands … Gulf States (Dubai, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kingdom Of Bahrain and Kuwait) CANADA and Iraq.
Since January 2014, AL REDA FOR FOOD INDUSTRY, an independent company based in Egypt, with the purpose of trading and distributing AL REDA FOR FOOD INDUSTRY products in European & Gulf Sated and Canada.
Our management team is well-tuned on creating shareholder value through the increase in business opportunities and broader access to markets.
At AL REDA, success derives from our deepest respect for our customers, shareholders, for our employees, for the environment and the communities we are working with.